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Carrawssa Stem Cell Mask Sheet


With a unique three-dimensional cut effect formula, so rich that the essence of the plant stem cells in every inch of moisture can be extended slow skin aging, and effective skin cell regeneration, keeping skin young and delicate, a brilliant luster.

Plant Stem Cells:
The use of new technology to produce the advantages of regulating stem cell disorders of skin melanin and restore the skin's antioxidant protection, and promote wound healing (quality and speed), adjust the skin cell division within the epidermis, transfer, loss and other functions, include Blemish effect,reduce chances of skin discoloration , to promote skin looking, anti-aging, makes the epidermis works better and stimulate skin cell production to improve the appearance of skin,and increase skin whitening effect, such stem cells and skin cells can be combined to maintain growth and strengthen the skin, skin protection.

Function: Whitening, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, water lock, can reduce the skin produced the amount of melanin, the pigment particles hit scattered, effectively prevent formation of dark spots, make up skin needs sufficient water to enhance self-healing ability of skin cells, activated cells.

Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Arbutin, plant stem cells, Vitamin E, licorice, aloe vera, mulberry root bark extract

35ml X 5 Sheets