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Beautiful Caroline BB Cream


This multi-functional & Natural BB cream including rosemary, grape, aloe, green tea has whitening, anti wrinkle, moisturizing, cell renewal and skin protection effect against harmful UVA, UVB rays, pollution.

It leaves a radiant, clear and healthy complexion with flawless and natural finish.

It has total revitalizing effect of hydrating, improving skin elasticity, nourishing and brightening benefits.

It evens skin tone with velvety smooth texture and conceals blemishes, discoloration area on face including acne, age spot, dark circles, sun spots, scars.

Main ingredient

* Rosemary flower and leaf extract offer soothing & calming effect and heals stressed skin. It makes skin supple and soft.

* Grape extract containing abundant mineral, vitamin, carotene improves skin elasticity, tone and texture. It keeps skin optimally hydrated. It delays skin cell aging and rejuvenates skin as excellent antioxidant. It gives healthy and radiant complexion with whitening effect.

* Aloe vera extract is natural moisturizing factor, it calms and soothes irritated skin. It controls excessive sebum and protects the skin against moisture loss, leaving it feeling fresh and comfortable.

* Green tea softens and hydrates dry rough skin. It soothes and heals stressed skin. Its antioxidants help defend against skin aging. Tea-polyphenol “Catechin” helps to enhance skin resilience.

* Allantoin from comfrey is healing, soothing and moisturizing agent. It stimulates healthy tissue formation by promoting and accelerating the natural cell regeneration process of the skin.

* Trehalose from many desert plants such as cactus has powerful moisture retaining capacity, it keeps skin hydrated and smooth. It protects our skin against dryness and harsh environment.

※ It is designed for all ages and all skin types to help create a youthful, healthy complexion.